Content Creation and Scheduling

Content Creation and Scheduling
Documentation Sample Last updated on Thursday, 7 December 2023

Content Matters

We take your existing website and do a full migration of your website into a Word document. This document is kept as an easy-to-read version of your website. From there, the information is broken down into smaller chunks, which will be used to create posts on social media. These posts will go out on your various social media platforms (LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook etc). A content library will also be created to match the information being shared.

Traditional marketing talks at people; content marketing talks with them – Doug Kessler

Content Scheduling

The content will then be sent for approval to the client. On approval, the schedule will be determined, based on the number of posts which have been created. This can range from one month, to three months, or more. The content will then be scheduled to be published on these days.

What is needed from the client?

The latest information relating to their services and products, as well as the latest images. A meeting will be held with the client to discuss the web migration, allowing for the client’s input into the posting schedule.

Approval will be sought on the content and image library being used.


R5000.00 for a 6-post campaign. This includes all content creation, content scheduling, creation of an image library, creation of a web migration document, and content posting. Pricing can also be worked out on a per-post basis.

Content Creation

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