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Leveraging the Power of MS Word

Leveraging the power of MS Word
Documentation Last updated on Tuesday, 06 September 2022

More than just words on a sheet of paper

Most office workers have no idea how to effectively use MS Word. Yet this application is probably the one used most often. MS Word is an incredibly powerful application, but its features must be leveraged, and many are often hidden in the interface.

Internal documentation and content sent out to others speak volumes about your company's focus on quality.

We provide short, customised courses in MS Word, focusing on the aspects of document management that you need in your workplace. We are not going to teach you to type but will show you functions that are useful and that will add value to the product and save your business time. What can you expect to learn?

Here are some examples...

  • Proper document layout, working with company templates, and stripping all unnecessary code and errors, focusing on:
    • creating a proper working space, including basic settings applicable to the entire business;
    • creating sections in complex documents and managing them; and
    • generating a table of contents, index, references, and table of authorities.

Our consultants are all expert users of MS Word and rely it on daily to compile complex documents. Many training companies will make you sit through an entire course, while you hope to learn something useful. Instead, we ask you what you need, and then focus on that. At the same time, we may suggest functionality that you may not even have known about.

They do not teach you this at university! If you are a graduate or post-graduate student and need help structuring your assignments and research work, read this proofreading article and then contact us.

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