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Documentation Sample Last updated on Saturday, 29 October 2022

Proofreading your own content just does not work

As the title indicates, proofreading your own content does not work. The writer is too subjectively connected with the content to objectively evaluate it. You simply do not see your own mistakes and often the way you think of the information is the way you write it. This is a huge mistake. We have seen some terrible and expensive errors, especially on advertising material!

Documentation and content sent to others speak volumes about your company's focus on quality, or your own ability to write effectively.

An independent proofreader sees the mistakes that you do not, and will improve your own writing. This is not because you are a bad writer, but simply because of the reasons mentioned. The web developer of this site wrote the content, and then asked someone else to look at it, rip it apart, and then he rewrote it. This is how it should be. Want to see some classic mistakes? [ Read about some punctuation blunders. ]

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Company documentation

We will proofread your documents, make corrections, and show these using MS Word's review, tracking, and comments option. This way, you can see how we looked at the document and the corrections we made, while keeping the original content should we need to revert to it. See Documentation Sample above for an example of proofreading comments.

Promotional material

We see many examples of promotional material with obvious errors. Expensive formats such as vinyl banners, where the mistakes cannot be corrected once printed, are prime examples. The graphic designer focuses on how the item looks, not whether the language and grammar are correct. If your advertising has errors, what is the quality of your product?


How about your current website? You may not need to have it redesigned but let us look at the content and streamline it for you. Not all web developers are necessarily language experts, and we see glaring mistakes on websites all the time. Let us take a look and see where it can be improved.

Academic dissertations

Before you submit your university assignment, dissertation, or business contract, let us look at it and protect you from the negative consequences that errors can have. We have completed several proofreading assignments for individuals in Oman (British English), Bahrain and Malaysia (American English), South Africa (British English) and the United Arab Emirates (American English) for their post-graduate (masters and doctoral) studies.

We will:

  • proofread the entire document for grammatical, spelling, and contextual errors;
  • correct layout problems such as page size and layout, Table of Contents, Table of Authorities, Table of Figures, Bibliography (client to confirm the bibliography style used and required), and Index;
  • show all changes using MS Word's Review, Comment, and Markup functions; and
  • issue a certificate of validity, often required by academic institutions.

We charge a flat rate of R350.00 per hour, and if possible, and estimate will be given to the client before work commences. We do not charge per page as individual page content across the span of a typical dissertation differs substantially. A typical 150-page dissertation will cost around R7000.00, based on 20 hours proofreading and editing.

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