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Tranlsarion services
Documentation Sample Last updated on Monday, 17 October 2022

Professional translation services

We provide translation services for documents from either Afrikaans to English, or English to Afrikaans at a very reasonable cost.

Literal online translations simply do not work, and they are going to cause you huge embarrassment.

We have seen the hilarious, and often embarrassing, results of relying on online sources to translate content. Instead, we offer natural translations done by humans who understand both Afrikaans and English as languages and who will translate content keeping the target audience and style in mind.

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Send us your documents and we will translate them for you, whether from Afrikaans to English, or from English to Afrikaans.

We will provide the translated document in MS Word format, with comments and review entries where necessary. You can use these to understand how the translation was done, especially with technically complex content.

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